As a DevOps Engineer (Site Reliability Engineer, Build Automation Engineer) and with AWS Architect certification I love to work with Jenkins, Docker containerization and Puppet tools.  My philosophy is “I want to automate everything!”  That is CI and CD pipeline automation, Infrastructure as Code and any other manual routine to help release software faster and easier. 

Before DevOps I was a team leader as a full stack developer.  For the UI working with JavaScript and jQuery.  In the core bootstrapping Java OOP’s with Design Patterns and Spring,  API’s, and RESTful messaging.  On the back-end writing SQL queries for MySQL, Microsoft or Oracle DB’s.  So, I understand the struggles of merging code in GitHub, building the Maven load in Eclipse and running Junit testing.  Then, deliver the project to the customer or release manager.  Lets not forget setting up the IT  test environment in Windows, Linux or AWS and associated scripting. 

I have a passion for learning various DevOps tools, collaborating and training junior team members.  I enjoy meeting customers, discussing their needs and troubleshooting problems. 

What Makes a Good Engineer?

Can you work in a team? Do you know when to be silent and when to speak-up?  I value feedback, ideas and criticism from others.  I believe good communication skills correlate with a good engineer.

Do you step outside your comfort zone? Can you learn quickly?  As a contractor or new employee with no ramp-up time, I realize I must contribute from day one.

DevOps - My favorite graphic.

Helping teams reach their goal of automating processes.

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